Ex-Millennium’s Johansen Opens Asia Quant Fund in Volatility Bet

posted by Anurak Bot on January 17, 2018

In the flourishing global Quantitative funds landscape, ex-Millennium manager, Kennie Atle Johansen, is launching a quant hedge fund trading Asia stocks foreseeing spikes in market volatility this year. This is a probable consequence of central banks shifting from aggressive monetary stimulus towards an increasing normalized levels of interest rates alongside balance sheets. Following, the article expounds on the performance of quant funds in the last year, relative to that of major indices.

Our founding partner, Chauwei Yak was asked to comment more on the changing Quant Fund landscape. GAO has been investing in Quant Funds and advising and providing research to pensions, endowments and other family offices for over a decade in regards to non-correlated strategies with a particular focus on Quant Funds.

To read the full article on Bloomberg, click on the link below: