Years as an Asset Management Firm

About Us

GAO was founded in 2008 right before the Great Financial Crisis managing the family assets of two classmates from Wharton who wanted their money to be managed with the best aspects of the investment banks and technology companies they had worked in. Today we service external clients including family offices, trusts and other institutional investors, using the same principles of investing for both external and principals’ capital. GAO uses quantitative tools across our portfolios with the aim of achieving positive returns every year regardless of market conditions. To achieve our goal, we often look at niche and complex strategies that will offer uncorrelated returns. We are invested in the positions and funds that we recommend, ensuring a strong alignment of interest between us and external investors.

GAO is an independent group offering a broad range of financial services:

In Singapore, the two companies are:-

GAO Capital holds a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) license issued by The Monetary Authority of Singapore and can be found on the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Financial Institutions Directory here.

GAO Advisors is an exempt corporate finance advisor (ECFA) as per the guidelines stipulated by The Monetary Authority of Singapore and can be found on the Monetary Authority of Singapore's Financial Institutions Directory here.

We are headquartered in Singapore and have offices globally.

Special COVID-19 Announcement:- The safety of all our employees are paramount and we have implemented necessary measures in the month of May to ensure 100% operational efficiency remotely while safeguarding everyone's health. To find out more on our COVID-19 business continuity plans and measures, please email us.

Our Team

GAO is led by a trusted team of highly qualified investment professionals, each with an average of 15 years of asset management and investment experience. The team's extensive experience in the financial industry gives GAO a deep understanding of the markets and specializations across investment asset classes. Over the years, GAO has achieved a resilient, consistent and successful track record on an absolute basis, providing clients with investment choices that are poised for superior returns.

If you are looking to join the GAO team, please send us a cover letter and resume. Contact details are listed below.


GAO provides both investment advisory services as well as investment products for our clients. Our highly experienced investment team coupled with our meticulous research and analysis methodology has allowed us to create a basket of investment products with resilient, consistent, and successful track record.

With each partner having considerable skin in the game, GAO ensures that our interests are aligned with that of our clients. We are confident that our funds will continue their strong performance, as we walk hand-in-hand with our clients in the pursuit of growth, appreciation, and returns.


Join our Family Office Co-Op (FoCo), let us get you started!

Here at GAO, we have been promoting over the last decade that families should get together to manage their wealth. Newly launched in 2018, we are happy for new families to join our Family Office co-working and accelerator space where each family is able to run their own Single Family Office (SFO) and still maintain control of their investment decisions, whilst benefiting from the group effect, where each party contributes a different expertise to the network.

A sample of other services that we provide ancillary to this are:-

 • Advisory on setting up your own Single Family Office

 • Relocation of FO operations and banking to Singapore or Switzerland

 • Tax Planning on a global scale which we believe we are unrivaled for

 • Asset Management, Portfolio Advisory Services and Direct Investments

 • Creating Trusts, Private Funds & coordination with your legal needs

We work regularly with a number of trusted and closely vetted professionals as well that would be able to provide services that we might not do normally. E.g., concierge services, education advisory, bookkeeping & audit services, etc.

For services with external providers, we will pass on just the cost to the underlying family. For further information on how we can assist as a one stop shop for Family Offices, please contact us to schedule a private consultation.