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Based in Singapore, GAO Capital is an independent, owner-managed investment advisory firm

Founded in 2008, GAO Capital is an investment advisory firm managing investment portfolios, pioneering direct investments and analyzing hedge funds. Today, GAO also advises institutional investors, global family offices, and foundations on investment opportunities. With a rich global exposure spanning across major cities, our Partners understand the intrinsic cultural and market behavior differences all over the world. Our expertise is bolstered by the amalgamation of our understanding of the needs of family offices and investors alike, with our vast connections and resources. We aim to build a company with best-of-kind practices, as the best vehicle to manage assets – an advisory for investors, by investors.


Seeking Absolute Returns

Here at GAO Capital, our focus and prowess lie in investing tactically in the following asset classes, namely in Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and Private Equity. Be it investment solutions, advisory or opportunities, we believe in conducting meticulous research paired with comprehensive due diligence in our pursuit of growth, appreciation, and returns. Over the years, GAO has achieved a resilient, consistent and successful track record on an absolute basis.



Chauwei Yak
Ted Low
Adam Lee
Mike Borsetti


Yi Yongjie
Yvonne Liew


For all press enquiries, please contact info [at] GAO-CAP {d0t} com

When Millennials Rule!

posted by Ted Low on May 16, 2018

Chauwei Yak, Partner at GAO, was recently featured as one of 14 internationally recognized opinion leaders, sector specialists and industry experts on fundamental supertrends that are expected to impact global markets at Credit Suisse’s flagship Global Megatrends Conference 2018. This event was broadcast live on CNBC and the topics covered includes:- The Age Of Sci-Fi Read the full article…

Ex-Millennium’s Johansen Opens Asia Quant Fund in Volatility Bet

posted by Anurak Bot on January 17, 2018

In the flourishing global Quantitative funds landscape, ex-Millennium manager, Kennie Atle Johansen, is launching a quant hedge fund trading Asia stocks foreseeing spikes in market volatility this year. This is a probable consequence of central banks shifting from aggressive monetary stimulus towards an increasing normalized levels of interest rates alongside balance sheets. Following, the article Read the full article…

Machine Learning Decoded

posted by Ted Low on October 13, 2017

Chauwei Yak, Founding Partner of GAO was recently invited to speak at the inaugural ‘Machine Learning Decoded’ summit in Singapore. To read the recap of the Machine Learning Summit, please click on the link below. Machine Learning Decoded

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